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GALL - Frese-05---

La foto mostra tre frese cilindrico frontali in acciaio rapido non ricoterte. La prima in basso ha quattro taglienti normali, mentre la prima in alto ha quattro taglienti ed i rompitrucioli sui taglienti periferici che garantiscono una piĆ¹ alta asportazione di truciolo, specie in sgrossatura. La fresa in mezzo ha due taglienti.

The picture shows three cylindrical end mills in HSS not coated. The first from the bottom has four normal cutting edges, whereas the first from the top has four cutting edges with chips breaker on the peripherical cutting edges which are suitable to remove a high quantity of material, especially during roughing operation. The end mill in the middle has only two cutting edges.

Fonte (source) -- Vergnano (Chieri - Torino)